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  1. The Reptilian Conspiracy Explained In Under Two Minutes!

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  3. Episode 91: Alex Jones And The Ferguson Riots, Our Mysterious Ocean & Fukushima Still A Disaster

    Alex Jones stirs up a conspiracy surrounding the race riots in Ferguson, mysterious noises are coming from the Pacific Ocean, corruption and incompetence surround the Fukushima Power Plant disaster PLUS is Dow Chemical the new Monsanto?

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  4. podcast alex jones infowars ferguson race war black panthers pacific ocean upsweep monsanto dow chemical michael brown gmos zombies police brutality
  5. This Week’s Poll: Is Alex Jones a conspiracy theorist solely for profit?

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  7. Episode 90: The Anunnaki of Nibiru - Interview with Gerald Clark

    The human race was created thousands of years ago by an ancient race of aliens from Nibiru. But are they still around today wreaking havoc on humanity as we toil on the jail planet we call Earth?

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  8. podcast Conspiracy Theories anunnaki nibiru gerald clark zecharia sitchin sumeria enlil enki ancient aliens giants
  9. Episode 89: Monsanto and Ebola, The ISIS Conspiracy, Deep Space Travel and Weird Al

    Why did Monsanto invest in an Ebola vaccine months before the outbreak? We talk how the CDC manufactured it’s own Ebola strain, patented it and now is teaming up the U.S Military and Monsanto to create a vaccine. PLUS: Is ISIS responsible for the Gaza / Israel conflict, more clues that Donald Rumsfeld is a Reptilian, NASA validates an impossible space drive and a digging deep into the Unbelievable Podcast’s mail bag.

    This Week’s Poll: Did Monsanto Create the Ebola Virus Scare?

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  10. podcast isis israel gaza Conspiracy Theories monsanto ebola tekmira vaccine fema death camps donald rumsfeld reptilian lizard deep space nasa emdrive ushs charity navigator weird al foil
  11. This Week’s Poll: Did Monsanto Create the Ebola Virus Scare?

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  12. Polls ebola vaccine monsanto us army tekmira vaccination fema death camps
  13. Episode 88: The Physics of Christianity With Frank J. Tipler

    Professor Frank J. Tipler calls in to discuss the physics of Christianity and to tell us that God is real, God is good, and it’s all backed up by quantum physics.

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  14. podcast Conspiracy Theories frank j tipler physics of christianity immortality jesus religion singularity albert einstein god
  15. Episode 86: Manifesting Your Reality - Interview With Pam Grout


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  16. podcast pam grout ny times best selling author quantum physics manifesting reality the universe e-squared e-cubed
  17. Episode 85: Giant Russian Holes, Dick Cheney and The Shadow Web!

    The Top 5 stories that you need to know this week including: giant, mysterious holes in Russia, prisoners serving 1,000 year sentences in 8 hours, UFOs, Dick Cheney in handcuffs and THE SHADOW WEB!

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  18. podcast shadow web deep web henry kissinger dick cheney russia ufos Conspiracy Theories conspiracy
  19. This Week’s Poll: Is the shadow web real?

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  21. Episode 84: Quantum Physics and Consciousness - Interview with Fred Kuttner

    The author of The Quantum Enigma and Quantum Physics Professor Fred Kuttner calls in to discuss quantum physics and consciousness. What is real if anything? If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? The answer: There is no tree.

    Check out Fred Kuttner’s Book:

    The Qunatum Enigma

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  22. podcast fred kuttner quantum physics quantum enigma quantum immortality quantum physics consciousness bruce rosenblum
  23. This Week’s Poll: Does the soul exist?

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  25. Episode 83: Jellyfish Apocalypse, New World Order Plus The Soul Exists!

    The Jellyfish Apocalypse is upon us. Facebook is controlling our emotions. Swat Teams are killing babies now. Scientists say the soul exists.

    Can You Spot The Underwater Military Base?

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  26. podcast apocalypse new world order facebook jellyfish duwmb dumb souls conspiracy Conspiracy Theories
  27. Episode 82: Secret Societies Part 2 - Interview With Kris Milegan

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  28. podcast illuminati kris milegan new world order secret societies bohemian grove skull and bones bavarian illuminati the mafia bilderberg group
  29. Episode 81: Malibu Underwater Bases, Demon Dolls, and Bowe Bergdahl

    Attraction Distraction 2: Brian, Charles and Phoebe countdown the Top 5 stories you need to know in the past two weeks including: Secret Underwater Bases, Demon Dolls from Asia, and the capture and release of Bowe Bergdahl.

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  30. podcast Conspiracy Theories bowe bergdahl malibu underwater base duwmb nwo illuminati demons singapore obama cia iraq afghanistan