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  1. Episode 74: The Sinking of the Titanic

    Brian and Charles interview author and Titanic Conspiracy Theory Expert John Hamer about what really happened to the Titanic. Also: The NOAA wants you to eat Lionfish, a debut ‘Noah’ conspiracy, NASA scientists predict the end of the world and DuPont heir gets away with rape.


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  3. This Week’s Poll: Will the world as we know it end within the next 15-20 years?

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  5. This Week’s Poll: Is HAARP Responsible for Global Warming?

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  7. Episode 73: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracies

    SUPPLEMENTARY EPISODE: Brian and Charles break down all the conspiracy theories that are emerging surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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  9. SEASON 2 PREMIERE: Brian & Charles’ Triumphant Return

    Brian and Charles interview the creator of Geo Engineering Watch, Dane Wigington, about HAARP. Plus a reporter crashes a meeting of the wealthy elite, is John Key a Reptilian, and what happened during the hiatus.

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  11. This Week’s Poll: What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

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  13. This Week’s Poll: What Happened to Brian and Charles?

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  15. SEASON FINALE - Johnny T, Crystal and Tim Return!

    In the Season Finale of The Program Brian and Charles are joined by Johnny T, Crystal Delahanty, and Tim Dillon to discuss the death of Phillip Marshall, giant Oar Fish, Banksy, RFK’s brain, a Freemason call-out in Congress and an epic game of Why Do I Know This?

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  17. Episode 70: The Collins Elite: Aliens as Demons from Hell

    A secret government organization known as the Collins Elite have been tampering with portals to Hell and releasing demons into our world. Our only hope is instilling a fundamentalist belief in Christ among humanity!

    Answer this week’s poll: Are aliens actually demons from Hell in disguise?

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  19. This Week’s Poll: Are aliens actually demons from Hell in disguise?

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  21. Episode 69: The Story of MK Ultra Victim Brice Taylor

    Brice Taylor was entered into the CIAs white slavery MK Ultra “Project Monarch” program as a baby. She was forced to act as a sex slave for famous politicians, artists and businessmen. Is she telling the truth?

    Answer this week’s poll: Is MK Ultra victim Brice Taylor telling the truth?

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  23. This Week’s Poll: Is MK Ultra Victim Brice Taylor telling the truth?

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