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  1. Episode 85: Giant Russian Holes, Dick Cheney and The Shadow Web!

    The Top 5 stories that you need to know this week including: giant, mysterious holes in Russia, prisoners serving 1,000 year sentences in 8 hours, UFOs, Dick Cheney in handcuffs and THE SHADOW WEB!

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  3. This Week’s Poll: Is the shadow web real?

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  5. Episode 84: Quantum Physics and Consciousness - Interview with Fred Kuttner

    The author of The Quantum Enigma and Quantum Physics Professor Fred Kuttner calls in to discuss quantum physics and consciousness. What is real if anything? If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? The answer: There is no tree.

    Check out Fred Kuttner’s Book:

    The Qunatum Enigma

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  7. This Week’s Poll: Does the soul exist?

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  9. Episode 83: Jellyfish Apocalypse, New World Order Plus The Soul Exists!

    The Jellyfish Apocalypse is upon us. Facebook is controlling our emotions. Swat Teams are killing babies now. Scientists say the soul exists.

    Can You Spot The Underwater Military Base?

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  10. podcast apocalypse new world order facebook jellyfish duwmb dumb souls conspiracy Conspiracy Theories
  11. Episode 82: Secret Societies Part 2 - Interview With Kris Milegan

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  13. Episode 81: Malibu Underwater Bases, Demon Dolls, and Bowe Bergdahl

    Attraction Distraction 2: Brian, Charles and Phoebe countdown the Top 5 stories you need to know in the past two weeks including: Secret Underwater Bases, Demon Dolls from Asia, and the capture and release of Bowe Bergdahl.

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  15. Episode 80: Secret Societies Part 1 - Interview With John Lawrence Reynolds

    Are the Skull & Bones as dangerous as we think? Which secret societies should we truly be fearing? Is it Skull & Bones, The Bilderberg Group, The Yakuza, The Knights Templar, The Freemasons or another group we haven’t even heard of? Brian and Charles interview author of the book Shadow People: Inside History’s Most Notorious Secret Societies, John Lawrence Reynolds.

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  16. podcast unbelievable podcast john lawrence reynolds secret societies yakuza bildergberg group mafia rosicrucians knights templar freemasons bavarian illuminati new world order bush family
  17. This Week’s Poll: Which Secret Society Is Most Dangerou?

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  19. Episode 79: Slenderman Killings, Police Drones, Malaysia Flight Update

    And so begins the Top 5 Countdown of the most important news stories of the past two weeks. Including: Slenderman Killings, Malaysia Flight 370 Update, Drones and more!

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  21. Episode 78: The Paranormal Investigation Show

    Brian and Charles discuss the phenomenon of Black-Eyed-Kids, and interview Paranormal Investigative Unit Intuitive Paranormal.

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  22. podcast paranormal paranormal investigator ghosts black eyed kids vampires Conspiracy Theories conspiracies comedy spirits demons hell
  23. Episode 77: Nikola Tesla - The Forgotten Genius

    Nikola Tesla, genius inventor and Superman villain. Is he responsible for the technology behing HAARP, The Montauk Project, The Philadelphia Experiment, and free energy. We’re joined by Nikola Tesla expert and author Tim R. Swartz.

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  25. This Week’s Poll: Who Would Win In A Fight - Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison?

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  27. Episode 76: False Flag Alien Invasions


    Is the prospect of an alien invasion being used to propel us into a New World Order? Brian, Charles and guest co-host Phoebe Tyers discuss the warnings of Karen Hudes, the revelations of former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer, plus recent allegations from Iranian and Russian newspapers.

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  28. podcast unbelievable podcast paul hellyer karen hudes alien false flag new world order illuminati iran russia snowden
  29. This Week’s Poll: Is the government going to stage a false flag alien attack to establish a New World Order?

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